Thursday, April 15, 2010

Death and Taxes

Today was tax-free day at Memphis's Whole Foods, in honor of Tax Day. I usually have a Bible study (Beth Moore's Daniel) on Thursdays at lunchtime, but sometimes it gets canceled, and such was the case today. So I hopped over for a shopping spree of healthy goods that can't be found at Kroger. My most exciting find was a jar of almond butter, which I've heard is amazing. I'd expected to find more low-calorie foods (especially snack foods) at a health food store, but they were in short supply. I've been thinking about the implications of that all afternoon. Are non-vegetable 100-calorie snacks only possible with chemicals and fakeness? :P

In other tax news, I was a total cliche this year. We always have someone do our taxes, early, because we have a lot of work-related deductions and zero math skills. I mailed our forms (and depressing check that could have purchased a new oven) weeks ago. Then I realized I forgot to include the interest form for our savings account. I consulted the tax guy, who told me I would have to file an amendment even though it was a small amount. So last night, almost literally at the eleventh hour, I was *headdesk*ing in front of our home computer trying to complete an amendment form on my own. But somehow I finished it, and mailed it off today along with yet another check. If anything is incorrect, at least they know I tried.

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  1. First: I like the adjustments you made to the layout! It looks great. :)

    Oh and a snack idea that's not too horrible in calories is cheese, particularly mozzarella. :) And it's more filling.