Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Decor Talk

There's been a lot of redecorating and revamping at my house lately. As all homeowners know, the to-do list never really ends. Aside from possibly remodeling my master bathroom, and even less possibly replacing my carpet with laminate flooring (neither of which I will attempt to do myself), here are the home things that are top of my mind lately:


Couches. As long as they're in good condition, I don't care whether they're new or used. But I'm having a hard time finding the right set at a reasonable price. Because I have two cats with claws intact, I need twill or another sturdy fabric. My living room is a light yellow, so I'd prefer blue (the color of my existing couches) because beige or brown might look boring or ungrounded. I like a simple look with low, scalloped arms, and I love piping around the cushions, as in this photo from Rooms-to-Go (which we don't have in Memphis).


Desk chair. I currently have a large office chair with arms that don't allow me to scoot up to the desk. It's uncomfortable for someone my size, not to mention pretty blah and cubicle-looking. I'd like an armless parsons chair and this one would match my Tiger-blue-and-chocolate-brown office perfectly. However, I've been shocked by how much parsons chairs cost. This one is over $100.


Something to go over the mantel. I love sunburst mirrors, and this Target offering is the closest I can find to my dream mirror picture that I cut out of InStyle years ago. But it might be too mod for my decidedly non-mod decor. My other idea is a big tin star, like these:


Also, for years I've wanted to paint my dark brick fireplace and mantel white, but it's such a final, non-undoable step that I'm terrified to do it. I have decor commitment issues. My family and many friends are against the idea and I'd rather not hear endless negative words about it if it doesn't turn out.

Oceany stuff. Being from Florida, I have a lot of shells and I'd like to make a shell box like this one (which I think I saw originally on The Lettered Cottage). I also want to create a new setup for my sand collection - I have little Tupperware containers of sand from most of the beaches I've visited. I want to find a bunch of small, uniform message-type bottles (with corks) and arrange them in an old spice rack. I'll make tags with the place and date and tie them around the bottles. This project would have been done long ago if I could find the right kind of bottles in a decent quantity. The craft stores don't have what I'm looking for.

What are all of you looking for for your homes?

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