Thursday, August 26, 2010


lily of the valley
(Lily of the valley, Sardis Lake, 2004-ish)

Quote of the week, from Ruth Graham's book In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart:

You may be stronger than you were, but not yet ready in God's estimation to receive direction about the next stage of your life. It is not your job to get yourself out of transition. God is the one who ordains the stages in our lives – he will move you when he is ready...Transition is a time to grow in our dependence on God – don't miss out! Lean on him. Tell him what you feel. Let him slow you down and teach you how to live peacefully where you are. Yes, you will experience times of frustration, impatience, anxiety, and discouragement. Make no mistake – you will want out. You will be tempted to do something to get yourself out. But rather than yield to those emotions – rather than take matters into your own hands and act impulsively without clear direction – learn how to bring your emotions to God. Tell him honestly how you feel. Find the Scriptures that speak to your need and pray those Scriptures as prayers. Stay close to God and wait for him to tell you what to do.