Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boot scootin' boogie.


In September 2007, my parents joined a new line dancing class at the community center in our neighborhood. They thought I would enjoy it too, so I started going with them. Last night we started our third year as a class (after being on hiatus since May)! For various reasons, our former instructor's sister (who has an extensive dance background) has taken over the class, and she's doing a great job. I think I'll get to help her lead a few things too. :) It was great to be back, see everyone, and dance again.

I've been dancing in one form or another for most of my life. I started ballet at three years old and continued until we moved to Memphis, in fifth grade. Then I was in marching band until I graduated, which I realize isn't the same thing as dance, but it uses a lot of the same skills. I'm sure that line dancing only comes naturally to me because I spent six years quickly memorizing steps and commands. In college, I often went swing dancing (it was the height of the swing revival) and took ballet as my phys ed elective. I even took an adult ballet class a few years ago from Dmitri Roudnev (with no idea how well-known he was until I stopped going - he was a fantastic teacher). Then I started line dancing. I don't freestyle very well and would feel stupid at a club, but if someone is teaching a routine, I can probably pick it up.

Basically, I love everything about dance. I love that it helps me understand music with my body instead of just my ears and my brain. I love the increased awareness and the muscle memory. I love the way good choreography makes you feel like you can fly. I hope I'm still dancing when I'm 80.

I close with the best part of my favorite dance-related movie of all time:

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  1. I LOVE line dancing. It's been a llloooonnnngggg time since I've been. If I lived closer...I would totally want to be in that class. Sounds fun. :)