Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Grocery Skating


Sometimes, when I shop at Kroger later in the evening and the store is mostly empty, and I'm bopping my head to "Glory Days" while selecting a pasta sauce, I decide that Kroger would make an excellent after-hours roller skating rink. I mean, think about it. Most of the elements are there. Lots of wide, clean aisles; a smooth tile floor perfect for skating; food everywhere, so no need to add concessions; and most importantly, cheery Gen X classics constantly piped over the intercom. (They'd have to remove that commercial about shingles vaccines, though.) They could add a disco ball in the middle of the store, turn the First Tennessee mini-branch into a skate rental counter, crank up the music, and voila! Instant skating rink after 9 pm. I know I'd have fun. Some people might even be excited by the possibility of crashing into a huge display of canned peaches.

Seriously, this might be a decent development idea for the long-vacant grocery store spaces around here. Too bad I'm not a millionaire.


  1. Lol! That *does* sound kind of like fun!

  2. I would love for them to turn the empty Cordova Schnucks store into an Ice skating rink! That would be awesome!