Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crafty Weekend

I got to indulge my creative side this past weekend!

allaprima1010 (3)
(me and Caroline)

I went to an outdoor painting party by my friend Hillary's business, Alla Prima (book your party today!). We painted an Italian-inspired scene. It was a refreshing and relaxing experience, the weather was perfect, and now I have fun original art to hang in my house.


I made a clock! This clock customizing idea from Real Simple has been in my inspiration binder for years. I've been in need of a timepiece in my home office, so I bought a $4 standard wall clock at Wal-Mart, painted the outside white, and covered it with scrapbook paper that matches the room's decor. I previously used the same paper to make coasters for the room, so my coordination-loving heart is totally satisfied. (I can post about making custom coasters if anyone is interested. It's really easy!)

Office with new chair (via Kirkland's) and new clock!

I also found the perfect bottles for my beach sand collection (from beaches I've visited). As usual, I had something very specific in mind and had been looking for over a year. These bottles are exactly what I wanted. I spent Sunday afternoon happily transferring sand from the old Tupperware containers to the new pretty, corked glass bottles. (I only got a little sand in my eye. :P) I'll post about that once I have them all labeled and displayed. Get excited!


  1. I think you linked to coasters before, but would you mind doing so again? I think the bookmark I had is gone.

  2. If you post about the coasters, can you possibly post about how to do the clock?

  3. Carol, I'll post it soon!

    Robbie, the link to the clock instructions is in this post. It's very easy.