Friday, October 29, 2010

Quote of the Week


No matter what season the calendar shows, in your life it is spring – time for a new beginning. This season you and God are forming a weather-tight fortress made from whatever is available and profitable…Some memories still prick when you go in and out and about your work. But you are safe here, and secure. And never forget – you are loved.

…You are safe because now you are responsible for yourself. You are no longer living under the influence of an unloving mate. Why he left isn't as important now as living in a way that is consistent with your character and what you know is true. You are safe because you have kept your dignity, your reputation, and your spirit. Through it all, you have not allowed evil to destroy your soul or take away your desire to live.

…You are safe when you rely on the people who love you and on the power of God. You no longer apologize for the intelligence or personality with which you are endowed, nor the discernment and resilience you've shown. You are protected by the boundaries you have clearly drawn between yourself and toxic people. You are safe because the past cannot control you.

- Kari West and Noelle Quinn

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