Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Checking it twice.


I'm in list mode this week. This is progress, because I used to LIVE in list mode. (I don't recommend it.) But as we shift into real fall, I feel the urge to take care of things and set goals. Here are some things I want to do soon or over the winter:

- Reorganize my closet and dresser drawers. Probably this weekend, when I unpack the winter clothes. I have a lot more clothes out in winter due to layering, and now I have a whole closet and room to myself, so it's time to re-evaluate how I'm using the space. I'm excited about this. Because I am an organizing nerd.

- Make a T-shirt quilt. Throughout high school, I collected Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts. I bought them everywhere I went, and my dad also picked up a few on his international travels. Now I don't wear T-shirts anymore except for exercise, so they're sitting in a box somewhere in my parents' attic. I'd like to give them a new life, rather than getting rid of them, because they have a lot of fun memories attached. I can barely sew and have never quilted at all, but it can't be too hard with my mom helping me. Tips would be appreciated, though.

- Scrapbook my high school band years. I recently evaluated whether I should keep scrapbooking at all. I really enjoy it, but in the digital age, it seems a little redundant and outdated. I decided it would be more worthwhile if I made my scrapbooks more journally - sadly, most of my books have empty journaling spaces because I could never think of the "right" thing to say. Anyway, after spending last Saturday at a marching competition with friends, I've been flooded with happy memories. I was the band historian (shocker, I know) and thus have a ton of pictures and stuff. I actually started a band book several years ago and lost interest, but it's the perfect scrapbooking topic for the moment. Only good memories, and no potential emotional landmines relating to my current circumstances. Yay!

- Home maintenance. I've never taken my lawn mower for off-season maintenance. I've never had my chimney cleaned, and it's been making weird popping noises lately. Some of my roof shingles are missing. And obviously, since I was married to a mechanic, I've never given a second thought to a car maintenance schedule. Now I have to get familiar with all those things and more. But I can do it! I'm just thankful we replaced the entire HVAC system two years ago, because that would be extremely unpleasant to deal with (and pay for) alone.

What are some of the big to-dos on your list?


  1. I love the idea of a T-shirt quilt! I don't have any tips, but let me know how it goes.

  2. Your closet's well organized, and everyone must look up to this and try to make their closets well-organized, too! We all must try to renovate or reorganize our stuff once a month to keep everything in place. =]