Thursday, December 2, 2010

The decorating begins!

new stocking!

The Christmas spirit has come upon me suddenly. When I was in Miami last weekend, I didn't feel Christmasy at all - I'm not used to being there at this time of year. But now I'm placing orders online, shopping for decorations, and singing Christmas songs to the cats. Today at lunchtime, I went to the Pottery Barn outlet and found this beautiful velvet stocking for $1.97. That's not a typo! The lighter green of the paisley is almost the same as my new living room walls and will look GREAT! I can't wait to hang it. :)

I haven't actually brought my tree and Christmas bin down from the attic yet, but I'm already thinking that I'd like some new Christmas decor. A lot of what I have is mismatched or not really my taste (or has too many memories attached). I'll keep the traditional and meaningful things, but it's time to replace the rest with something fresh. Still, I know it would be stupid to go bananas buying decorations when it'll all be 50% off the day after Christmas!


Also at PB, I went crazy over tall glass vases filled with tall red amaryllis. (This picture is from Country Living and the closest representation I could find - I like their use of pinecones, too!) Their flowers and vases were too expensive for me, though. I may check out Hobby Lobby this weekend, since I see their florals are 50% off.

In the process of writing this, I came up with a great idea! But I'll save it for tomorrow. :)

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  1. I love the stocking - it will look great in your living room! The idea of the flowers in the vase with pine cones is awesome. I can't wait to see your house decorated! I put up a little tree this year because we don't have enough stuff for a bigger tree. But I had planned to go after Christmas for sales... so maybe we can go together and stock up :)