Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow 2011!

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It's a SNOW DAY in Memphis... in spirit, if not in truth for all of us. My office is technically open, so I had to come in to avoid using a vacation day or taking unpaid time. Thus I am one of possibly 100 employees at work in the entire city. :P But I took some pretty pictures on the way in, and I get to leave early before the freezing rain starts!

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My cats and I happily watched the snow fall last night. I'm considering letting them into the backyard to play in the snow, but I'm afraid they might catch a chill or try to run away (they're strictly indoor cats). I don't think they'd venture far from the door, though.

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I saw snow for the first time when I was ten years old. I'm from South Florida, so up to that point, my only concept of snow was the stuffed white-sock "snowballs" we once used in a school Christmas play. Maybe that's why snow is still so magical to me. I love the way it instantly beautifies everything and turns trees into pen-and-ink drawings. I love the glow it creates at night. I love the hush it casts over the world, making it so quiet that you can almost hear your own heartbeat. I love the excuse it provides to slow down and stay snuggled up at home with family. It's wonderful!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! The first snow is always special and extra fun. I also love the curls in your picture!

    Katie for Ouidad