Tuesday, January 25, 2011

General Life Update

Because my brain has temporarily frozen over, and any clever ideas are trapped beneath the surface.

bathremodel11 (2)

I'm in the midst of a bathroom remodel. Don't feel impressed - my wonderful brother is doing all the work for me. I'm great at painting and basic stuff, but when it comes to ripping whole rooms apart, count me out. My contributions have been shopping for the new stuff, and a little spackling. :P The project is on hold at the moment, because after I finally chose and ordered tile (a process that should have been much less dramatic), I found out that the bullnose edging tile is backordered for two to three weeks. So we wait. I'll have pictures and a lot more information when it's all finished!

snow012011 (8)

We had another snow last week, and more is moving into the area this afternoon. People are starting to complain, but I like it. It's nice to have an authentic winter! Snow does cause problems, but it's fun, looks pretty, and is far preferable to plain old overcast cold. At this point it's also the only thing keeping me from going postal on winter.


I made a trip to DSW, determined to walk out with flat, suede, scrunchy boots. Instead I found these beautiful (and surprisingly comfortable) Rampage Bronx boots. My existing black heeled boots had just started falling apart after a long life, so it was a semi-justified purchase.

I'm still hoping to find flat boots cheap at Target, but their in-store shoe selection has been almost nonexistent since all the local stores remodeled. I hate the online-only trend in fashion retail. Surely I'm not the only woman who really has to try things on before buying. On the plus side, this is more backup for my personal retail lobby: international sizing regulations. Can you imagine knowing that your size is your size everywhere? It would open a whole world of fashion possibilities.


  1. I love your boots!! And definitely check out Payless--we walked in and they had a bunch. Good luck in your search. :)

  2. Love, love the international sizing regulation idea. When you get a petition together, let me know!

  3. Carol, I went to one Payless and they didn't have much, but there are several others in my area so I need to check them out! :)

    R, I'm telling you, it would make life a hundred times easier for everyone!!