Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thankfulness Journal


My New Year's resolution this year was to start keeping a thankfulness journal, and so far I haven't missed a day! Every night as I'm getting into bed, I write down three things I'm thankful for that day, or three good things that happened. Sometimes I add one or two short prayer needs. Sometimes I take up a whole separate page if something is really on my mind. It's just a small thing, but it helps to focus my prayers and thoughts in a non-intimidating way. It also has unexpected side effects, such as revealing patterns. So far most of my thankfuls involve good food, spending time with people, or some new thing I bought. Sometimes all three comprise my list for the day. Should I feel bad about this? :\

thankfuljournal 1

Anyway, to work up enthusiasm for the project, I decorated this plain blank book with some baubles from Michaels. As usual, the idea came to me fully formed while I was there on a different errand. So I chose this bird and tag from the jewelry section. Maybe it's weird that I used "passion" for the cover of a thankfulness journal, but they didn't have "thankful," and "passion" is a keyword for me these days. So I went with it. I just hot-glued the charms to the front of the book. Easy!

I'm glad I'm doing this, especially now in the bleah-est bleahs of winter. If my mood has been any indication, Blue Monday was this week, not next week. I need some sunshine.


  1. I really like the idea of a thankfulness journal. Don't feel bad about what makes you happy. :)

  2. A pastor once challenged our congregation to keep a list of five things we're thankful for each night before bed. No more, no less. He did not want it to become a chore. We were to practice this for 30 days. This occurred during a darker time in my life and while some days all I could list was: air to breathe, a roof over my head, dinner ... etc.; there were many other days when it was hard to limit my list to just five things! I found it profoundly shifted the way I thought about life and my focus towards the positive. I hope it does the same for you! -R