Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Fashion 2011

Here are some clothing items that I'm liking and/or looking for this season!


Once colder weather really set in, I realized that I had NO winter dresses. While layering a sweater over a light dress is fine and economical, I'd like to have something with longer sleeves. I was surprised to luck out at Forever 21, which apparently isn't just for 80-pound teenagers anymore. I found two dresses there for under $15 each! Neither of them are on the website, and this isn't one of them, but I would have grabbed it if I'd seen it in the store. (Forever 21 stores remain an organizer's nightmare.)


Speaking of cardigans over lightweight dresses, I saw this complete outfit on a mannequin at The Limited and it was love at first sight. The website currently offers it as a (triple-digit) package that you can just add to your cart. Salt in my wounds!! If the dress wasn't strapless, I'd probably give in right now.


I LOVE everything about this look. The colors, the sweater dress (although I wish it was a little longer), the stockings, the lace-up booties (which I wouldn't have liked on their own). I should probably disclaim here that I became obsessed with Clueless style back in 1995, and a part of me has never fully moved on. Anyway, the dress is "on clearance" for $70 right now (at Victoria's Secret - don't judge), so I'm hoping to put together a cheaper version.


This picture from a recent issue of InStyle happened to be on the same page as the sweater dress picture in my "fashion inspiration" binder. I noticed that it has similar elements to that outfit - these booties are awesome (I love shearling). But I think I mostly clipped it for the bag. I wonder if JCPenney still has it?

jsmarysuedepump jsgracepump

Shoe-wise, I'm looking for a pair of gray pumps to complement the increasing amount of gray in my wardrobe. I personally think that flat gray leather tends to look old-lady, so I'd prefer a cozier winter material like wool or suede. These are Jessica Simpson (of course), in "Mary" and "Grace," available at DSW. Still waiting for them to go on sale.


I'm also looking for some nice flat boots, partly because I've been living in knockoff Uggs in my off time and most of the fashion bloggers I read would be horrified. (I am not personally anti-Ugg, but I hear the shaming voices in my head whenever I put them on.) This style of boot is a little outside my comfort zone, so I need someone to go with me and make sure I don't look dumb in them. But they're widely available and not too expensive. Target has several cute styles for $30-$40, and my sister found some at Wal-Mart!


  1. I love your fashion choices!! My Wal-Mart carries nothing but ugly winter boots, boo! ;)

  2. Love all the choices! I need to go to F21. The only ones in town are alllll the way across town so it's hard to motivate myself to go there. Not to mention taking the kiddo with me.

    The Limited outfit is GORGEOUS. I love it.

    I love that VS outfit and I would've never thought to wear thigh highs like that. LOl. I think the rest of my thighs would freeze off, and I'd probably feel skanky wearing it, but I *love* how it looks. I think the length of that dress is perfect for tights, leggings, or skinnies. (And who judges about VS? Come on now. I often tell Isaac that if he wants to know what to get me for Christmas, he should just give me one of everything in their regular clothing sections.)

    Our Walmart has some super cute boots. Just another reason you should come visit. =o) Of course I have toothpick calves, so they're all too wide for me, but it makes me happy that they have cute stuff there. The ankle boots I got there are my best shoe purchase in ages.

  3. Old Navy had some cute sweater boots, in gray as well as other colors. I got mine at JCPenney. Try or They usually discount shoes and boots and stuff. Hope this helps :)