Friday, March 4, 2011

Hope springs new.

2011 001

I was only out of town for five days, but it feels like spring arrived here in that short time. I left a more wintry landscape, but came home to find daffodils fully emerged from the ground, hyacinths on their way there, and the pear trees in full bloom. Our 60s temperatures, which still felt chilly to me before, seem perfect after cold Oregon. Spring is apparent in other things, too, like sunshine after I get home from work!

2011 002
(I don't know what happened with this picture, but I think the results are cool.)

Last night, right at dusk, I looked out the back door and saw an animal in my backyard. It was black and too large to be a squirrel, so I decided I better identify it. After a minute, it moved. Once my brain registered the motion, I realized it was a rabbit!! :D I've never witnessed a rabbit in my yard before, and to see a black one - just like my beloved Bun - roaming around is pretty unusual. I watched it for a few minutes, then decided to go out and see if I could get closer to it. I moved slowly, but of course it spooked and hopped across the yard and through a hole in the fence. I watched it cross the neighbor's driveway before it disappeared.

I set out a carrot, where I first saw the rabbit, in hopes that it'll come back. It might even be living under my shed! This morning the carrot was still there, but I plan to try one or two more in different locations. Even if the rabbit never comes back, seeing it definitely felt like a blessing of some kind, and a promise of spring. :)


  1. I hope the rabbit comes back! :)

  2. Around here, we frequently see Cottontails hopping in our yard. But no matter how many times we see them, it's always a treat!