Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Savannah Memories

debswed 016

My sister recently lived in Savannah, Georgia for a year. I visited her there four or five times (one visit was for her wedding!). Now she's in Nashville, and I miss Savannah, despite the fact that I'm not the one who lived there. I'm DVRing Ruby, re-reading Denise Hildreth's Savannah From Savannah series, and thinking about shrimp and grits. So I wanted to share some of my favorite things about this lovely city:

debswed 009
The historic buildings along the Riverwalk (and palm trees!).

savannah2010 (17)
The cute beach homes on Tybee Island

savannah2010 (54)
The fountain in Forsyth Park

Uncle Bubba's Oyster House
Aforementioned shrimp and grits from Uncle Bubba's Oyster House

The marshes

Finally, the general beauty and artsiness of the place. On my last visit, I took a trolley tour, and learned that the Historic District was basically a ghetto until SCAD and the chamber of commerce started buying it up and restoring it, block by block. They saw the "good bones" of the city underneath the ugliness, and believed in them enough to take big risks. That story gave me hope for Memphis!


  1. *sob* I wanna go back! I love it so much there. Ten-year anniversary, for sure.

    Definitely put "The Magnolia League" by Katie Crouch on your to-read list, if it's not already. It's set in Savannah and FULL of great stuff about it!

  2. We'll be passing through this summer ... I'm going to print this post and take it with us! Thanks.

    Always wanted to visit after sobbing uncontrollably through the movie, "Savannah Smiles" (1982). Seen it?