Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flip-Flop APB

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bestflipflops (3)
(Photos taken in 2006)

Many years ago, I bought a pair of denim rhinestone flip-flops at Target. The flip-flops quickly became my constant companions. They went with everything in my closet, and I wore them nonstop for several summers in a row. But eventually the cheap footbeds totally compressed, and they became too painful to wear anymore. I grieved.

Despite extensive browsing every year, by me and by friends nationwide, I've never found another pair of flip-flops like these. I should have gone back that first summer and gotten several more pairs, but I foolishly believed that Target would keep making them. I hadn't yet learned that there's no continuity in fashion retail, and that if you love it, you better buy ten of it because it's not coming back. But that's a complaint for another day.

I love the denim, but I'd also be happy with a nice pair of non-denim dark blue flip-flops that will go with denim. I need to find something, because I can't spend another summer in navy blue flip-flops with the Corona logo on the soles. They were the closest substitution I could find, and that's just sad. There are TONS of cute denim options in wedges right now, and I love wedges, but they're not ideal for running errands or walking long distances.


  1. You should totally get those denim wedges from Macy's. Real shoes are better for your feet than flip flops anyway! I never go out in anything flatter than 2 inches and my feet are fine - it's all a state of mind! ;)

  2. Oh I meant to tell you! I went and tried them on last weekend, but the strap hurt between my toes, and I could tell I'd get blisters and stuff. I'm still bummed about it. They were beautiful!

  3. Try this link: