Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodbye Oprah


I can't believe the Oprah show is over! I haven't seen the finale yet - I DVRed it (yeah, I admit it) yesterday, but heard it was pre-empted by severe weather coverage, so I'm waiting to watch the full re-airing today. I've never been a serious Oprah watcher, but her show has run for most of my life. In my childhood, Oprah being on meant that my mom was cooking dinner and my dad would be home soon. The show still carries those connotations of comfort to me. Since college, on the rare occasions I've been home at 4:00, I've usually turned it on in the background just to experience that nice homey feeling (and I know I'm not the only one).

I don't agree with Oprah's politics or Scientology, and this last-minute adoration of her has really been over the top. But she's done a lot of great things, and the world is in some ways a better place because of her. I think everyone can be inspired by that!

If you've never seen this, prepare to laugh hysterically:


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  2. I don't think Oprah is a Scientologist. (Not sure if you meant that?!) I watched her when I was younger...then one of my BFs convinced me to DVR her show this whole last season. Before this season, I had not seen Oprah in years...and I haven't watched all this season's episodes yet...but on lots of her shows including the finale, she addresses that she is Christian. I don't agree with most people on politics or religion which is one of the reasons I just don't talk about those topics much...and that's not different with Oprah, but over the last year she has become one of my heros. Thanks for the tribute. :)

    (This is the earlier comment, but hopefully the typos (or most of them) have been corrected.)