Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life Update 5/11

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Last weekend I went to Nashville for Stefanie's graduation! My sister, brother, brother-in-law, and now (hopefully) future sister-in-law have all gone to the same small college, so we're old hat at their outdoor graduations by now. We were thankful for the pleasant weather - last year was FREEZING. One senior is chosen to sing at graduation, and this year it was Stef! She sang "Call on Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen, which happens to have special meaning for my family because my sister used to perform it in sign language at church. My mom was expectedly weepy. :)

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As is usual now when I go to Nashville, I was also able to hang out with my BFF Emily and her family. She recently moved back to the Nashville area after living in DC for several years, and I still haven't gotten over the fact that I can see her so easily. :) I was especially happy to see her new baby son. He's adorable!!


As I write, my brother Kevin is on a plane to Alaska, where he'll be filming grizzly bear hunts deep in the wild for three weeks. (Fun fact: 95% of America's wild bears live in Alaska.) We won't have much contact with him, and I'm officially not dwelling on the whole grizzly thing.* I'm just focusing on excitement that he gets to do something really cool, and reminding myself that God is sovereign over the animal kingdom. LOL. Someone gave Kevin this magazine about bear attacks, and he advised me and my mom not to look at it.

* = However, I am totally dwelling on THIS Grizzly thing. Believe Memphis!!!

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