Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The summer begins!

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Mine was full of unexpected fun and excitement!

sss11 (4)

sss11 (5)

I went to the Sunset Symphony with Alanna and several other friends. I hadn't been in years and was excited to go! We enjoyed an air show, fireworks, a huge picnic of delicious things (I think I ate half a brick of Brie), and analysis/complaint of the remixed 1812 Overture. :) Happiness!

bluebird 052911 (1)
(Can you see the fear in our eyes from two hours of dodging cicadas?)

bluebird 052911 (5)

On Sunday I took a VERY spontaneous trip to Nashville to see my sister, and go with her to Myla's first-ever performance at the historic Bluebird Cafe! It was an awesome experience, and Myla was by far the best of all the performers. I was happy to be present at this big moment in her career. :) The Bluebird itself was really cool, and I recommend it if you're looking for something to do in Nashville. Aside from the good music and atmosphere, the food is wonderful.

For the last few weeks, I've felt very isolated and thought I might lose it if I didn't get some real social interaction soon. The negatives of my current status have been overwhelming, and my freedom hasn't seemed so great. But after this weekend, I'm back in "My life is awesome!" mode. As long as I have fun and/or edifying things to do, and great people to do them with, I'm content!


  1. I love the way your eyes light up when you're with your sister. And that sunset is so gorgeous!

  2. Aww, that's nice of you to say. Thanks. :)