Friday, July 8, 2011

My Favorite Movies: Legally Blonde


This movie was on TV the other day, and between that and the Casey Anthony trial*, I think it's an appropriate time to give it the spotlight!

From the first time I saw Legally Blonde in 2001, I knew it would be one of my personal classics. :) The sequel was painfully awful, and the less I know about that straight-to-video thing with the blonde twins, the better. But the original is comedic gold. I find myself quoting it pretty often. I think most people are familiar with the plot, so let's revisit some of my favorite parts:

The Harvard application video: "I am comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life."

"The Bend and Snap. Works every time!"**

"The rules of hair care are simple and finite. Any COSMOgirl would have known!"

Of course, I love the fashion in this movie. My favorite Elle outfit is the "serious" one she wears to her first day at her internship - it's pretty much my ideal business ensemble. This was the best screencap I could find:


However, I know no one but Reese Witherspoon could make menswear, hipster glasses, and a metallic bathrobe look adorable:


I have not seen the musical, but I'd like to! I heard the relationship between Elle and Emmett is developed better in the musical, which is one of the few gripes I have about the movie - their connection isn't especially believable. If you have seen both, how do they compare?

* = I wasn't paying attention to the trial until I was flipping channels on Sunday and came across the closing arguments. I've been totally sucked in ever since. I don't agree that she's not guilty, but I do think there's more to the story than anyone will ever know. Either way, it's terrible that a child is dead and no one is being held responsible.

** = Has anyone ever successfully employed the Bend and Snap in real life? Should I give it a try? :)


  1. I adore that movie! I love Reese Witherspoon anyway, and that movie was perfect. Yeah, the sequel was pretty awful. I didn't know there was another one.

  2. This is one of my faves too... Anytime it comes on, I never miss it!

  3. Um you most certainly should find a way to employ the bend and snap in person :)

    I love that movie... its makes me so happy! Luke Wilson might have something to do with that ;)

  4. The musical is quite good, I think. Occasionally, a little fluffy Broadway isn't too bad, you know? While the Elle and Emmett storyline in the musical is very good? At the same time, it departs a little too much from the idea that Elle is this strong, independent woman who makes it through Harvard on her own. Little too much hand-holding from Emmett in places where she didn't have it in the movie. Laura Bell Bundy was a terrific Elle, and Christian Borle was a pretty good Emmett.

    However, the real scene-stealers were the dogs (of course), and the married in real life couple who played Paulette and Kyle the UPS guy.

    I know the MTV broadcast of the musical (from before that insipid "Search for the Next Elle Woods" TV show) is available on YouTube, broken into parts? You can start here, and just follow through. I think you'll enjoy it.

    You have a nice blog, I read it very often!


  5. E, I will bend and snap at the first opportunity. :D

    RL, thanks for the thoughts/info and for reading! :)