Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some Random Lists

cats040911 (4)

Things That Are The New Black
Gray - especially when paired with yellow
Frozen yogurt, the more "local" the better
Macarons (the heir apparent to frozen yogurt)
Getting B-12 shots (I am not a believer)
Having two cats :)

Things I Have Recently Been Alarmed To Find Myself Doing
Listening to 101.9 Radio Now regularly
Watching America's Got Talent and recognizing and having opinions about the contestants
Being a little too free with my opinions in general
Going to the library and not really feeling excited about anything there
Becoming interested in fanfiction again (not writing, just reading)

Things That Have Not Worked Consistently In Months (Causing Great Frustration)
The Twitter app on my phone
Text messaging on my phone
Phone calls on my phone (gee, you think it's time to call Verizon?)
My lawn mower (despite multiple repairs by my dad)

Songs I Currently Like Despite My Better Judgment
Give Me Everything - Pitbull
On the Floor - J.Lo and Pitbull
Till The World Ends - Britney Spears
Superbass - Nicki Minaj
Old Alabama - Brad Paisley

Things I Am Looking Forward To
Seeing most of my close friends at some point this week/weekend!
My birthday
A trip to Miami and the Keys (CANNOT WAIT)
A friend's wedding
My next Cherry Coke Zero from Sonic (seriously you guys - in a different universe from canned Cherry Zero)


  1. I think it was kind of you to decorate in a way that matches the cats. ;)

    I'm annoyed at lj, too.

    I've always thought that canned soda tastes different from fountain drings.