Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas Trip

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Last weekend, my sister and I went to Texas to visit our grandmother and other relatives. (That counts as a Travel Thursday topic, right?) Grandma is in a nursing home after back surgery, and we'd heard she wasn't doing well, so we went to see her as soon as we could. Thankfully, although she does have physical problems, she seems pretty stable otherwise. Debra and I stayed at her house and walked the few blocks over to the home every day. We talked and talked, brought her contraband chips and cookies, and played multiple rounds of Yahtzee in the common room while an Amish-looking* visiting church group sang hymns right in front of us. Life is always a little bit odd in small-town Texas. :)


We also spent time with our uncle and aunt, and cousins! Keith and his wife live in town, and Brooke and her husband came down from Dallas for the weekend. We were close growing up, and Debra and I were very excited to see her and catch up. :)

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My family spent every Thanksgiving in Texas until I was in college. Big Red is a big part of those Thanksgiving memories - it's not available here or in Florida. Debra was thrilled to see it on tap when we went out for lunch!

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It was a good trip...

Memphis skyline 7/11/11

...but I was happy to be home. :)

* = I had alarming flashbacks to the Lifetime movie The 19th Wife, but the people seemed normal and non-cultish aside from their attire.

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