Friday, September 16, 2011


Sorry the blog has been a little lackluster of late. I'm getting into the rhythm of my fall "extracurricular" schedule, and while I'm enjoying everything, the adjustment hasn't left me many spare brain cells. So here are some stream of consciousness thoughts:

* Last night I had a vivid dream about renting out my suburban house so I could move to High Point Terrace (the cute neighborhood where many of my friends live) without the trouble of selling. I woke in the middle of the night feeling wired about this idea, so convinced of its awesomeness that I almost hopped out of bed and onto When full consciousness returned this morning, it seemed much less awesome and I just laughed about it. I love the houses in High Point, but they're out of my price range, and my existing house is wonderful for me. With the added benefits of being affordable and already in my name.

* I don't get the huge, Black Friday-like frenzy over Missoni for Target. I like bold stripes as much as the next person, but not enough to cover myself and my house in them. Calypso St. Barth for Target was much more my speed.

* This week I found a gorgeous red ceramic ruffle-edged casserole dish, made in Italy, for $14 at T.J. Maxx. I can't believe I almost paid $60 for the same thing at the Williams-Sonoma outlet.

* While I'm not generally a Lady Gaga fan, her new jazzy song "You and I" is FANTASTIC. It would be fun to attempt at karaoke. With high heels on, of course.

* To quote Jarvis Greer from Channel 5, Tiger football is a hot topic around town, and not in a good way. I've been loving Geoff Calkins' articles about it. Even Jerry Lawler weighed in!

* I'm making slow progress on a cute fall wreath I saw on Pinterest. Of course I'll post about it when it's finished. So excited that fall is here! Yesterday I had my windows open and my Autumn Leaves candle burning, and it was so wonderful I almost didn't want to leave for yoga.

* Grace for the Good Girl is even better than I expected (and I'm still not finished). Several people I know have ordered it because I seriously cannot stop talking about it. I may need to write a series of posts to process my thoughts.

*  This weekend will be fun and exciting - I'll have things to share next week!


  1. Love TJ Maxx!

    Thanks for the e-mails with the blogs in them! :)

    Oh, and that picture of Peach is adorable!

  2. :)

    That cat does look like Peach, but this is a random picture I found on weheartit. I take no credit! :)

  3. No need to covet High Point. The Cloister has it beat! Luke started losing count of the number of things he had to fix in his house, including plumbing THRICE over (gross!)

  4. I thought the Missoni launch hysteria was kind of weird, too. Do that many people need Missoni stuff righthisminute? I mean, they do plan on restocking the shelves, right?

    And I *love* TJ Maxx and the amazing deals I'm always finding there.