Friday, September 9, 2011

Shoes and Fall Fashion

Dear Alfani Leopard Print Heels,

When I spotted you two years ago on the shelf at Plato's Closet, I couldn't believe my good fortune. You were high quality, filled the animal-print hole in my wardrobe, and only cost eight bucks. Unfortunately, from the first time I wore you, something wasn't right. I remained in denial because of your beauty. But at the end of yesterday, my feet were more blistered and painful than a ballerina's. So after trying two different types of gel inserts and hobbling around for many days, I am forced to bid you adieu. I hope you have a better life on someone else's feet. It's not you, it's me.


Shoes have been on my mind lately. I keep a mental list of specific styles I "need," but I always feel guilty indulging my shoe addiction, so I wait around forever for, like, 80% off sales. Obviously, those don't happen, and then I end up frustrated. So yesterday, I took the plunge and ordered these:
G by Guess - Viaana
(nude or blush patent pump)
Michael Antonio - Galactic
(neutral wedge)

A fall shoe high on my list is a dark gray pump, in suede or even wool. I have a lot of gray texturey work pieces for winter, and it would be nice to wear them with something other than black pumps. There aren't many options, and most of them are expensive. But since I've been looking for over a year, maybe it's time to invest in one of these:

G by Guess - Jasleen

Banana Republic - Union

Breckelles - Angie

Kelsi Dagger - Tiffany

I saw this picture on Pinterest and fell in love, especially now that I'm without a pair of leopard shoes:

Research revealed that they're Steve Madden "Dynemite" and retail for $109 on his website. SIGH.

I've never been fond of "booties," but I'm rethinking them this year. This pair is a possibility:

Madden Girl - Razcal
In cooler months, I love the look of flat boots over skinny jeans. These are on my wish list:
Steve Madden - Cindi
I own some nice semi-skinny jeans, but it's hard to get boots over the legs. Recently I caved and tried on some jeggings in Target, but wasn't sure if I looked totally ridiculous. I'll have to go again with a (tactful but honest) friend. :\

I DO NOT need a new coat this year, but Old Navy's coat selection makes me wish I did. I wouldn't be able to decide between the plaid and the yellow though:

After perusing my September InStyle, I'm not eager to adopt most of the fall trends. The brightly colored pants are too much like the rainbow of Girbaud jeans we all wore in 1992, the giant fur collars are a little crazy... etc. The only trend I appreciate is the return of hourglassy Mad Men silhouettes. And with them, polka dots, which I LOVE.
Liv Tyler via InStyle
What are some of your wish list items and thoughts about fall fashion?

PS - I apologize for the weird and inconsistent image placement in this post. For the first time, I tried uploading pictures directly to the post rather than linking from Flickr, and that plus the new Blogger composition page was enough to make me tear my hair out. I just don't have the HTML skills. Sorry!


  1. I saw a video recently about freezing baggies of water in shoes to stretch them. Could you try that with your leopard print ones?

  2. I just upload my pictures to blogger, but I agree, it's a pain working with the site. :/ Why can't it be as simple as lj?

    I like the shoes you got! They're really cute, and I've heard that nude heels are the way to go. :)

    Of your gray/charcoal shoes, I love the top two the best; I love the bow on the lighter one, but the color of the darker one. I like the other two, too, especially the one with the bow (guess I like bows, huh?).

    Ooh, pretty coats!

    Yeah, there's a lot in fashion I'm not a fan of, though there's a lot I do like. I love that polka dot dress! But I love almost anything with a vintage/retro feel.

  3. D, they're actually too big everywhere but over my pinky toe. :P My feet slide out when I walk, unless I walk sort of like a duck. I tried adding heel-back pads and then ball of foot pads, but nothing worked.

    Carol, I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble with it. It seems like it should be much easier to arrange things! I prefer the darker gray shoes too. :)

  4. My thoughts are, find a ROSS!! Those grey little boots- we just got some almost exactly like them and they're $14. Also, leopard print?? Everywhere. And more Steve madden than I'd care to ever know about. All in the $20-30 range. Go often- some of the best shoes are at Ross.