Monday, October 17, 2011

Life Lately

Here's some of what I've been up to...

madness11 (2)
Two of these people are excited. LOL!!!
Friday night was Memphis Madness, the first official scrimmage of the Tiger basketball season. The FedEx Forum was sold out (in this case "sold" since it was a free event). Kathy and Daniel got there before me and saved a seat. The atmosphere was electric. Can't wait for this season!

greenline101511 (1)  greenline101511 (2)
greenline101511 (5)

I rode all 14 miles of the Greenline on Saturday, just my bike and me. I love the Greenline! Usually I go with my mom, but it felt somehow empowering to go by myself. It's the only time I'm glad I drive an SUV. I can just fold down the seats and throw the bike in the back.

catswindow101611 (1)

catswindow101611 (5)

I'm spending as much time as possible outside. The cats enjoy the weather too. :)

yard101611 (2)
Azaleas encoring nicely
yard101611 (8)

yard101611 (6)

Most of my plants are past their prime, but some hung on through the last of the terrible heat and are thriving now. I enjoy my mint, mums, and chives arrangement on the patio. Also: an eggplant is finally growing in the garden! If a squirrel takes it before it's ready, I'm going to be crushed.

yard101611 (10)

Yesterday I planted some tiger lily and peony bulbs - shipped from Holland! Sleep well and take root, little bulbs. :) While planting them, I discovered a black widow spider in the garden bed, the first one I've ever seen in the wild. !!! I don't have a picture of it because I was busy killing it (a regretful but necessary sacrifice). Hopefully it didn't have local friends.

editor cat
Editor cat is editing
Last week I completed and turned in my first real (i.e. for pay) writing assignment! My friend Jenn offered me some freelance work completing a curriculum outline about wilderness safety. I can now find North in any situation. Next I get to help with a children's book about a mission in Uganda. I'm really thankful for the chance to gain experience and confidence, try different things, and learn stuff. I feel like doors are starting to open for me and it's very exciting. :)


  1. I'm envious of your writing opportunities! This sounds terrific. Actually, I'm envious of a lot of the opportunities you've had in life lately. Wouldn't give up my own life and times, but your stuff sounds fun, too! :) I love this time of year and instead of Spring Fever, I'm having Autumn Fever. I love getting outside in this. Planned a Bosque exploration day later this week purposely to get us all out there!

  2. Ha, love that last picture!

    I'm glad you're getting another opportunity to write (for pay!!!) soon. :D

  3. Congratulations on the writing opportunities! Go for it girl! You are amazing!