Friday, November 18, 2011

Fridayness and Giveaway Winner

It's Friday and I'm not feeling especially inspired, so here's a meme!

Outside my window... It's sunny and 57 degrees... a pretty day. I'm so thankful that winter comes gradually. These 50s feel chilly to me now, but before long, I'll be remembering them fondly. :\

I am thinking... about grief and hope and the future and all my usual weighty topics.  

I am thankful... for my friends. They all bring something different, wonderful, and much needed to my life. For my amazing church - God is truly at work there, and I'm so happy to be a part of it. For the official beginning of Tiger basketball season, and friends who let me use their extra season ticket. For the heated mattress pad on my bed - one of the greatest inventions in history.

In the kitchen... I have several tasty recipes ready to go, but they'll probably be pre-empted by meals out and Thanksgiving leftovers. I'm baking cornbread for a party on Saturday (feel free to share your best cornbread recipe). I love to use my antique cast-iron cornbread pan - the molds are in the shape of little corn cobs. :) 

I am wearing... a gray sweater, my "reindeer hooves" brown boots, and dark jeans that are just short of skinny... plus a square holographic ring and sparkly, dangly peridot-look earrings. You can't go wrong with the Vera Wang accessories at Kohl's.

I am creating... nothing right now, but I have a few sewing projects I'd like to try (!). I definitely plan to put together another cushion/cat bed for the cats for Christmas. It's just a large square pillow from Hancock's with a sewn fleece cover. I made the first one a couple of years ago, and they're always fighting over it.

I am going... to see Oklahoma! with my mom tonight at our local community theater. Believe it or not, I've never seen it. My only knowledge of it is the karaoke scene in When Harry Met Sally.

I am wondering... if my office will close early next Wednesday. A lot of plans are hanging in the balance. I'm also wondering what color to paint my nails next. #firstworldproblems

I am reading... the November InStyle (and happy to see Gwen Stefani on the cover again. LOVE GWEN). Even though magazines come at least two weeks ahead of schedule, I don't read them until it's the month on the spine. Once I'm caught up on November magazines, I'll start on The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, which has been recommended to me many times.

I am hoping... to have a Sonic pumpkin pie shake sometime this weekend. I still haven't tried one!

I am looking forward to... Thanksgiving with my sister and brother-in-law next week, then coming home and putting up my Christmas decorations. My brother is supposed to be in town too, and I'm excited to see him.

I am hearing... lots of 90's rap in the car on the way home this week. I keep it old school.

Around the house... I haven't done any notable house things recently. I've been home even less than usual, and don't expect to tackle any big projects before January!

Plans for the weekend: The Handmade holiday crafting event (yay!), a friend's birthday party, and a semi-ironic viewing of Breaking Dawn. :)  

Share a Quote... I need to hear this a lot lately:

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  1. Fun meme! I have things to do and am procrastinating, so I may do it instead. ;)

  2. Have you received your giveaway code yet? I'm still waiting...

  3. Yeah, but it took forever and I had to remind her several times! :P