Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Lately, 11/8

Get ready for another exciting recap of what I've been up to! ;)

trueblue5K (1)

My mom and I did the True Blue 5K on the U of M campus last Friday. We usually walk these races, but I ran part of the time and finished in 39 minutes - six minutes' improvement over my last 5K in August. That's a laughable time to most people, but I'm thrilled! Before this year, I seriously couldn't run more than a few feet at a time before getting winded, or comprehend that running could feel good. But I'm building up very slowly, like my personal version of Couch to 5K, and apparently it's working!

trueblue5K (3)
Fulfilling a long-held dream of running through the tiger head
fallleavesnov11 (1)

fallleavesnov11 (3)

Around here, the fall colors are peaking right now - I have a constant urge to pull over and take pictures of pretty trees. These are in my own backyard. I mulched up all these leaves with the mower on Saturday, but that work has already been erased. It's a long and futile process, but I'm still thankful to have mature trees!


My car hit 140,000 miles! Most of the major parts were replaced when I got it in summer '09, so this milestone isn't as anxiety-inducing as it would normally be. I do have a list of random inconvenient things that need fixing, though. Once it gets cold, I'm really going to wish my lower air blower worked. :\

gandalf110611 (1)

gandalf110611 (2)

My cats remain adorable. Changing the bedsheets is Gandalf's favorite activity. He loves to burrow under the sheet and have me peek in at him or "get" him from the outside. Peach likes this game too, but she doesn't play with the same enthusiasm. :)

richard30th (1)

My friend Myla threw an awesome 30th birthday bash for her husband at The Brass Door on Saturday night. Everyone enjoyed great live music, great company, and the LSU/Alabama game. Myla and I made this party banner together using index cards, black scrapbook paper, twine, and punch out letters from the Target dollar spot. I can't believe how well it turned out. Similar custom banners start at $20 on Etsy. Maybe I should start my own shop!

richard30th (2)
The talented couple performs together
richard30th (4)

What's new with you? :)

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  1. I love the huge tiger head!

    I don't think I mentioned before, but I really like how your banner turned out. And it sounds really easy!