Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Cookie bags from Hobby Lobby

It's my annual Christmas Cookie Frenzy! Every year I bake tons of cookies to hand out to my co-workers (and anyone else who needs a little happy). I overbake on purpose - I figure as long as I'm doing the work, I might as well go big and have some left over for myself too. I always bake molasses cookies from a tried and true Martha Stewart recipe. Then I add one or two other kinds of cookies. This year I made Pillsbury slice-and-bake "sugar peppermint" cookies, plus Jumbo Chocolate Crinkles. FYI, the crinkles are indeed jumbo, but they mostly rise up rather than out. So if you make them, don't worry about them colliding on the cookie sheet. That was a big relief at about 11:00 last night. :)


Do you have Christmas cookie traditions? :)


  1. Mmmm, your cookies look delicious! I try to make gingerbread cookies or a house this time of year, but haven't gotten around to either this year. I want to start a cooking-making tradition with my girls.

  2. No tradition, I just like baking cookies year round, and I love all the cute bags you can get, for any holiday, that are perfect for cookies! I like to bring several and hand them out to whoever I run into, even if I hadn't planned it initially. It's a fun treat. :)

  3. Are you kidding? I don't bake or cook. :) I used to bake at Christmastime though, mostly some favorites from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book (Jessica's Marshmallow Clouds were always a hit with people). Now my husband does all the cooking and baking. We just sent off two loaves of banana bread and two kinds of cookies to his family for Christmas - hope they make it! It's our first attempt at mailing baked goods.

  4. The Mrs. Fields Cookie Book was the first cookbook I ever bought! :) I know the cookies you're talking about.

  5. My tradition is similar to yours - bake tasty treats for friends! I made chocolate crackle cookies for the first time this year too. Great minds think alike :) I need to try your molasses cookies sometime soon.