Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wild On Wednesday

I'm participating again in Lauren's Wild on Wednesday! Here are some things I'm wild about this week:

Snow! We got an inch or so this morning! In the many years I've lived here, we've never had TWO sticking snows before Christmas (the first one happened last week). It's the perfect kind, too - fluffy and not sticking to the street. To me, the fresh beauty of snow is the only thing that makes the cold worthwhile. :)

I just got my first Shellac manicure last night. My mom gave me a Groupon for this mani-pedi for my birthday... in August. I have ridgy problem nails and was very hesitant to try the Shellac, but the owner and manicurist, Lauren, assured me that it wouldn't damage my nails and might even help. Here's hoping. The polish is supposed to last for up to a month without chipping. It was surreal to stick my hand under a light for a few seconds and instantly have totally dry, glass-smooth nails. Anyway, I recommend Graffiti Nail Bar - I was inspired by Lauren, who created and is running a successful salon by herself and is also developing a line of natural beauty products. Girls run the world!

The Talk. A few weeks ago, the TVs in my company's exercise room reverted to basic cable (some problem with the digital box?), and I couldn't watch my usual shows on the elliptical anymore. After several sessions of boredom, I found The Talk and haven't looked back since. I remember I was annoyed by it when it started, but they've replaced a couple of the original hosts, and the new lineup is golden. Each of these ladies is smart, funny, cool, and interesting, and they treat each other with respect despite their very different viewpoints. I love it! And believe me, I'm surprised too.
Fiber One Chocolate Mocha bars. Forget about the whole fiber thing - these are totally addictive. I've eaten them for breakfast, snacks, and even dessert (they go well with hot chocolate). This flavor isn't available everywhere, so when I find it, I usually buy several boxes!


  1. I love Fiber One bars, but I have a tendency to eat too many of them and end up paying for it (if you know what I mean)! :P

  2. I have ridgy nails, too! But I get easily bothered by polish on them, so I guess there's no hope for me. :) Yours look pretty though - I like the color.