Monday, January 30, 2012

Life Lately 1/30

This weekend was truly fantastic. I got to hang out with so many of my favorite people! On Friday night, Hillary and David had a well-attended show at the Main Street Art Walk. I always enjoy seeing their beautiful work. I also talked and laughed (a lot) over turkey sandwiches with a friend from my small group. Then the socialness continued on Saturday morning with a small pancake breakfast at another friend's house.

On Saturday night I went to the Tigers game with Kathy and Daniel, as usual. To my delight, the guy in the penguin costume was back, and accompanied by a giant banana. :D The Forum was packed and it was one of the most exciting games so far this season... thanks to the SIXTY-FOUR fouls called. If we'd lost, I absolutely would have blamed the refs. Kathy suggested bringing in some refs from the Bartlett Youth League because they make better calls. The Tigers play Southern Miss on Wednesday night for top billing in the conference. I'm nervous but excited!

Sunday was a beautiful day. My dad came over to trim a wayward limb from one of my maple trees (which are already setting buds thanks to the non-winter we're having). He recently helped me clear the backyard of leaves, something I'd never accomplished before. Even though the yard is brown, it's clean and tidy and I feel happy when I look at it!

My garden is the only thing that's not brown. I planted rye grass because it's supposed to protect the soil over the winter and make it richer for the next growing season. When spring comes, the grass will die out and I can till it into the soil. If nothing else, it looks pretty!

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