Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year: Making Space

Last week I shifted around my craft and scrapbooking supplies to make room for my new sewing machine. I was seized with a brief urge to pitch all my craft stuff, because I couldn't remember the last time I'd really done anything with it. It was saddening proof that I don't have time for the creative things I already enjoy... so how will I work learning to sew into my life? Sewing isn't a skill you can develop overnight.

As I've mentioned, my life is overscheduled, and has been for some time. I live in a constant state of chasing my own tail. I never stop feeling behind. My days are all accounted for in advance. If a block of time opens up, I fill it with a new commitment. Sometimes that's just how life is and you can't change it, but right now, I have the freedom to choose. I decided then and there, among my scraps and stamps, that something HAS to go. I've faithfully attended a Tuesday night line dancing class for over four years. I still love dancing, but I've grown bored with learning the same beginner dances over and over. So I'm taking January off, and instituting Tuesday Night Sewing and Craft Time. I started last night, and it was just as fun and refreshing as I had hoped. (It's also an opportunity to work on not people-pleasing, since my instructor gets huffy when people are absent and has already asked where I was.)

My 2012 resolution is to create space in my life. It's opposite the do-more spirit of resolutions, but it'll be harder to see through than any "more" I could assign myself. I'm good at more. I'm good at overloading myself and somehow powering through it. But powering through isn't exactly abundant living. I think it's time to make room for freedom and spontaneity. To give my brain a little creative space to breathe. I sense that 2012 will be a recharging and refocusing year in some ways.

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