Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playlist: Empowerment Workout Mix

One of my greatest joys in life is creating mixes. As a child I "played DJ" (sometimes hanging over a fence and shouting in hopes that entire neighborhood would hear my "broadcast." Sorry, neighbors!). Looking back, it's not too surprising that I chose a broadcasting concentration in college, although my reasons were different by then. Nowadays DJs have little, if any, control over their programs or what they play, but I would have loved the job back in the pre-corporate day. Delilah gets on my last nerve - she has free rein to connect with people through music, yet chooses to play the same ten schlocky selections every night. If I were in front of that mike, I would really find the perfect song, and it wouldn't be "Because You Loved Me."

Anyway, I make special mixes for any occasion: road trips, friends' breakups, gatherings of three people at my house. So I'm going to start posting a topical playlist each month! Since a lot of people focus on exercise in January, here's my current walking/jogging playlist. I think of it as the Empowerment Mix, although a few of the songs don't fit the theme. But these are the tunes that get me moving consistently.

I'd love to offer this mix as a zip file, but being arrested by the RIAA is not on my list of New Year's resolutions. The songs are on my Spotify though. :)


  1. Jon and I can't stand Delilah, either!

  2. I almost LOLed for real imagining little Brens playing DJ in the back yard. If I had been your neighbor it would have amused me greatly.

  3. How can I find you on Spotify?