Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mommy-To-Bee Baby Shower

Last weekend, with some help from my mom, I threw my sister her first baby shower at her house in Nashville! Debra's not due until May, but she's having FIVE baby showers, so she wanted to start early instead of having a bunch of parties at the end of her pregnancy.

One of Debra's nicknames as a child was "Busy Bee." A while back, I think even before she was pregnant, I saw some bee baby shower pictures on Pinterest and noted it as a cute idea for the future. For this party, I tried to convey the bee theme without going totally overboard. :)

baby shower invitation

I ordered invitations on Etsy and printed them at home! It was much easier (and cheaper) than searching a bunch of stores and having to settle for something so-so and expensive. If I were better at graphic design, I could make my own invitations, but right now I prefer to let the experts handle it!

nashbabyshower (1)


Instead of a whole cake, I opted for cupcakes from the Publix bakery (another benefit of having the shower in Nashville). I was able to order the exact amount, color, and kind of cupcakes I wanted, and of course they were delicious. The cupcake toppers are also from Etsy. I printed them at home, punched them out with a 2" scallop punch, and hot glued them to cake pop sticks.

nashbabyshower (5)

This is the easiest punch ever. Debra froze cranberry juice in a Bundt pan ahead of time, and we unmolded it into a punch bowl, then poured equal-ish amounts of ginger ale, pineapple juice, and lemonade over it. No measurements needed. It's pretty, too!

nashbabyshower (13)

The menu was pretty low-key. Fruits, vegetables, chips and dips, a cheese ball, etc.

nashbabyshower (7)

I made mini honey pots for the favors. You can order pre-made ones online, but I didn't think of it until it was too late. So I found these jars at Garden Ridge, filled them with honey, and hot glued more Etsy punch-outs onto them.

nashbabyshower (11)

Debra enjoyed the party, so that's the most important thing. This aunthood thing is starting to seem really real! I'm excited. :)

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