Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents' Day Weekend

Last weekend, my parents and I went to Indiana to visit my brother! I hadn't been to Evansville since we helped Kevin move last summer. His birthday is on Lincoln's birthday, and my mom's birthday is on Washington's birthday, so Presidents' Day weekend was the perfect time for a family gathering.

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On the drive up on Friday, we stopped in Paducah, Kentucky. Paducah was prettier and less sleepy than I expected. We had lunch at the very historic Kirchhoff's Deli and Bakery (it opened in 1873). Then my mom and I visited the National Quilt Museum while my dad napped in the car. :) Again, I expected to see a few impressive but generally grandma-type quilts. Instead, I was blown away by the craftsmanship and creativity of the quilts. Many were like paintings made of cloth. Sadly, pictures were prohibited, but I encourage everyone to go see the quilts for yourselves. They were amazing. I'd love to visit again and spend more time there. I was inspired!

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We had an enjoyable, but low-key, visit in Evansville. Debra came up from Nashville to join us for part of the weekend. Our days pretty much revolved around eating, thanks to the cold, dreary weather and abundance of good restaurants.

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I haven't had much experience with German food, but Gerst Haus was great!

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One afternoon we drove over to Newburgh to show Debra the cute "downtown" and the Ohio River.

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Proof that I was not on this trip by myself

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We also took in an Icemen game downtown at the new Ford Center. I hadn't been to a hockey game in many years, but I had fun! Everything is so easy to get to in Evansville. Nothing in the city is more than about ten minutes from Kevin's apartment. Also, all downtown parking is free. Mind: boggled.

Oh, and I met fellow blogger Amanda! She goes to Kevin's church. :)

We had a nice visit, but I was glad we got home fairly early yesterday. The weather in Memphis was nice and I was able to go for a jog in the sunshine (with new sneakers - my knees are already thanking me). This winter hasn't been nearly as bad as the past few, but I'm suddenly, totally Over It. But the time change is only a few weeks away! Then we'll at least have more sun.


  1. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I have a friend from Paducah (her dad's the mayor) and she had told me about the quilts. I really want to go see them myself.

  2. I still have not been to KY. Someday!

  3. I forgot to say before that we used to have a pastor with the last name of Kirchhof! Just one f, though. I didn't know there was a historic deli by that name. He always told us it meant "church yard."