Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wild on Wednesday: Shoes and Bags

All of a sudden I'm obsessed with shoes! I'm sure you're asking yourself, "When is Brenda NOT obsessed with shoes?" But in fact, I haven't bought any new shoes since September (other than a recent sneaker purchase, which doesn't count). Now spring is almost here and I have a sudden craving for bright, happy shoes.


I'd love some orange or yellow flats to hold me over until sandal season. My metallic flats from Target are great, but sometimes I want more of a punch. The yellow ones with flowers are Bandolino, but can anyone identify the other brands so I can look for them?

Orange and yellow heels - Ruche on the left, unknown brand on the right.

Three colors of Steve Madden P-Rada... an impossible decision.

Madden Girl Lyons. It comes in a few colors too, but the beige and white is ladylike without being boring.

I also love bright bags, and am on the lookout for a structured orange one! I really liked one at TJ Maxx, but am still waffling on whether to get it (I cringe to pay full price even at TJ). These are similar:

On the more neutral side of things, I like ruffly gray bags. When I saw this one on Pinterest (of course), it reminded me of a V-neck T-shirt. Then the light bulb went on: bag from a thrifted V-neck T-shirt. I'll run some tests in the sewing lab and share if I come up with anything. :)

PS- Thanks for the nice comments on yesterday's post! :)


  1. I pretty much want ALL of those shoes!

  2. I love the bright orange bags! Makes me feel so spring-y!

  3. I just got a bright green bag at Payless. You might could check there and see if they have any orange ones. If you really want a structured bag, try Jun Lee on Summer and National, or try Vivid in Cordova :)

  4. I love both pairs of yellow flats, and those polka dotted shoes are too cute and kind of retro. :) That ruffly bag is adorable, so I'd be eager to see what you come up with.

  5. OK, I'll take ALL OF THESE. And I don't even usually like orange.