Monday, March 12, 2012

My Tigers Weekend

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This weekend was a total Tiger immersion. On Friday night, my dad went with me to the Conference USA tournament semifinal against UCF. I'd never been to a conference tournament game before and wanted to take advantage of having it here in Memphis. The Tigers only have one more year in C-USA, and then they'll be in the Big East, which has its conference at Madison Square Garden every year. While I'm not ruling out traveling to NYC for basketball, I'm not counting on it either, so this was a special experience.

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The Tigers won decisively, moving on to the championship game against Marshall on Saturday morning! So just a few hours later, I came back downtown, this time with Kathy and Daniel... ending the season the way we started it!

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Unexpected Pyro

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I made this sign for my dad, who thought it would be hilarious. I waved it around every time Will (Barton, C-USA Player of the Year) did something awesome.

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Although things were a little iffy at first, in the end the Tigers won 83-57, and there was MUCH JUBILATION.

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It was glorious.

After the game, we went to the Kooky Canuck (a downtown restaurant) for the post-game show, which we hadn't done all season. None of the players showed up, but it was fun to celebrate with the radio guys and other fans.

Yesterday I met Kathy and Daniel at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the selection show! None of us were thrilled about the Tigers' 8 seed (when they should have been a 6 or even a 5), or being in the West bracket again (why do they always put us there?), or the fact that we have to play Michigan State in the second round. But I tried to remember that about six weeks ago, we were worried about getting into the tournament at all. And in the end, all the analysis means nothing because ANYTHING could happen. That's what makes March Madness so great!

I'd be very pleased if we made it to the Sweet 16. Not many "experts" have us going even that far. But if we get to the Final Four, I'm going to New Orleans. Stay tuned! :D

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