Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rambling Through The Tulips

I'm loving the bright colors of spring blooming all over town. Yesterday, while lunching at a park, I had to take pictures of these beautiful, vibrant tulips!

tulipsmar12 (3)

tulipsmar12 (2)

I was amused to note that my shoes were exactly the same color as the tulips. I'm a fan of hot pink.

tulipsmar12 (5)

So, happy first day of spring! Though it feels more like the first day of summer. :P We've had highs in the 80s for several weeks already. I can't remember that ever happening in March before, and it makes me very nervous about the summer. I already had to mow my lawn this weekend. My Florida bones far prefer extreme heat to extreme cold, but I don't enjoy weeks of continuous 100+ temperatures.

Speaking of temperatures, last night I went to a storm spotter class offered by the National Weather Service. I've been to several of these training sessions over the years, but it had been a while, and they were premiering a new curriculum. My weather nerd heart was happy. Some of us also stayed after class to be trained on a new Twitter storm-spotter reporting program. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be happily attending and nodding along to a lecture about maintaining hashtag integrity, I wouldn't have believed you. I'm thankful that I grew up before the internet and I think our society is way too wired, but at the same time, this stuff brings people together and adds a fun element to things we already enjoy (I laughed when everyone was quoting Jim Cantore's latest tweets to each other at the break). Plus, I'm trying to gain a more professional knowledge of all this in case I have a job opportunity in PR someday.

It so happens that Sunday was my Twitterversary. After resisting for a long time, I signed up on the day the Tigers lost their NCAA tournament game last year because I wanted to know when their plane was landing. :) Now I follow all the players, and have met some nice people in addition to my existing friends. Yay!


  1. Yay for tulip pink shoes!

    Seriously, though, those are some gorgeous tulips. :)

    I think it's cool you could attend a class like that. :)

  2. Tulips are my fave!! Love.

  3. Your last name is the last name of some of my good "grandparent" friends!