Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Decor

springdecor12 (3)

Last weekend I did a little decor spring-cleaning around the house! If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I LOVE wreaths for all seasons. Recently I pinned a bunch of spring wreath ideas, but then I was inspired by something completely different at TJ Maxx.

springdecor12 (4)

A basic straw wreath provided the base. I cut up four stems of these pale lavender fake flowers and stuck them into the straw, all facing the same way, for a swoopy effect. I added a few little white birds for extra interest. All the materials are from Hobby Lobby and cost a total of $15. Not bad at all! I don't know if I'd use a straw wreath again, though - it was a MESS. I had to sweep and vacuum my whole work area after the wreath was hung. Originally I wanted to use a floral styrofoam base, but this was cheaper and more natural-looking.

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I also refreshed the mantel! I picked up this aluminum tray with nice lines at a thrift store for three bucks, and painted it with chalkboard paint (a project I've wanted to do for a long time). I'll write something more inspiring on it after the tournament's over. :) I already had the fake tulips and candles, and the trophy-cup plant is my favorite and has been on the mantel for years. This is a pretty sparse (and probably badly arranged) mantel by popular design standards, but I'm happy with it. If I had a strand of ivy or some other greenery, it would be perfect!

Happy weekend everyone!

PS - The road to the Final Four starts tonight. GO TIGERS GO!!! :)


  1. Love the wreath!! Super cute, and I think your mantel looks perfect. Go Tigers!!! (accidentally deleted my first comment, sorry)

  2. I love your wreath and mantle! Was the wreath hard to make?

  3. Very cute and creative. I think I'd love to do seasonal wreaths, myself, for our front door, but I always worry about where to store them -- we have so much stuff otherwise!