Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild on Wednesday: Miscellaneous

Here are some things I'm currently wild about:

I've gotten some good mail over the last week or so! My friend AJ, who lives in Belgium, sent me this bright scarf that happened to match the shirt I was wearing that day:


She also knitted me a little rabbit! It's actually the second one she's sent me - the first still lives on my nightstand. Now he has a friend.


Last February I visited Jessica in Oregon for a women's conference. I couldn't go this year, which was a bummer because Carolyn Custis James was the keynote speaker. But Jessica sent me a surprise copy of the latest book, Half the Church, signed by the author herself!

halfthechurch (1)

She even included a picture of CCJ signing the book. How thoughtful is that? :)

halfthechurch (2)

In other news, I found the perfect orange bag at TJ Maxx!

orangepurse (1)

It's roomy but not too large, structured but not too fussy, well-made, and has a TON of pockets. But what pushed me over the edge was the matching umbrella in a special pocket at the bottom of the purse. I've been getting by with one falling-apart umbrella for several months, so since I needed a new umbrella anyway, why not get a bag too? ;)

orangepurse (2)

I haven't found any orange or yellow flats, not even at DSW, but this dose of orange ought to satiate me for a while.

Finally, my cats were especially cute last weekend:

cats030312 (3)
On Sunday afternoon I realized I hadn't seen Gandalf in a while, so I went looking for him and found this:

cats030312 (4)

cats030312 (5)

 What an adorable weirdo.


  1. Ooh, love the scarf!

    Such cute bunnies. :)

    LOVE the purse!

    Your kitties are adorable! I love when they do silly things like Gandalf. :)

    1. So cute! Mail is fun, especially when there are goodies inside!

  2. Cute stuff overload in this post! That bag is gorgeous, as is the scarf! Love it. Also, if you ever make it to DC and see the MLK memorial, we will have to meet up somewhere for a cup of coffee! :)

  3. Woo, I'm famous! Thank you for liking it. :) And linking me!

    Love the purse. I really need to get a bit crazy and get a colored purse. I'm so practical about it that I'm afraid to stray from neutrals most of the time.

  4. Hi Jessica, what a nice friend you are!! That's super cool that you did that. I know you did something similar for L last year, I think. Great idea.

    I really like that bag, Brenda. And an umbrella, too?! How cool is that?! I'm jealous.

  5. Love everything in this post but especially the kitties. :) Goofy Gandalf.
    Oh, and I didn't notice the lining of the bag last night! AWESOME LEOPARD PRINT!

  6. I can't believe I missed this post! You look fab in the scarf, like I knew you would! So glad you like the new Bun; it's a new pattern and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make one for you. ^o^

    Also: Your kitties are teh cuteness!!

  7. AJ no worries, I should have brought it to your attention! :) THANKS!

  8. LOVE the orange bag!

    That was such a cool thing for Jessica to do!