Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wild on Wednesday

It's Wednesday - time to mention some things I'm currently wild about!

Every spring, I look for a cute sandal comfortable enough for a lot of walking. I always end up in flip-flops at summer events downtown (Sunset Symphony, fireworks, Redbirds games, etc.) and get blisters and sore ankles. This year, I won't have that problem thanks to these Report Tia sandals. I ordered them in pewter and can't believe how comfortable they are. I'll probably get a second pair, but can't decide on a color!

I've mentioned before that I drink Crystal Light every day at work, but right now I can't get enough of this blueberry acai flavor. Wal-Mart's generic drink mixes and flavors are consistently good. Thankfully, there's a Neighborhood Market near my house, so I can stock up without the misery of going to a full-fledged Wal-Mart.

"Too Close" by Alex Clare is the song from the current Microsoft commercial. It definitely grabbed my attention - I can't stop listening to it! It was MADE for a dramatic routine on So You Think You Can Dance. I can practically see the choreography in my head. I only wish the song had been out last season, because Melanie and Marko would have danced the ish out of it.

Finally, I don't have a visual aid for this, but my latest favorite nighttime snack is a whole wheat Bagel Thin spread with Laughing Cow cheese and topped with cherry preserves. It sounds weird, but meets my needs for salty and sweet, and is substantial enough to satisfy me without too many calories. I pretend I'm eating Brie on a baguette with fresh fruit. :P


  1. I've been looking for sandals just like those! Target always puts out cute ones in the spring, but they had a disappointing group this year.

    Thanks for posting about those! I just ordered a pair in tan. Yay!

    Mississippi Mama, too lazy to sign in to Wordpress. ;)

  2. Oh yay! Let me know how you like them! I'm wearing mine for the second day in a row. :)

  3. Brenda - glad I had a minute to catch up with you (via blog) today. And totally had to comment that you are spot on regarding the song choice for SYTYCD. Holy Toledo Batman, I might actually feel some disappointment if they don't use that at some point during the upcoming season. I'm so pumped for next week's premiere. By far my favorite "reality" show.