Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Links

I want to be insightful and/or entertaining today, but it's been a stressful 24 hours and my brain is fried. So how about some Friday Links?

♥ I'm the last person to hop on the What Should We Call Memphis bandwagon, but it is indeed hilarious (and accurate).

Shauna Niequist's take on those famous lines from Mary Oliver.

Five love stories from couples who met via the semi-annual Show Us Your Singles posts on Kelly's Korner. The last story really encouraged me, making me feel hopeful instead of like happy endings are only for other people.

This sweet Kelle Hampton post made me think differently about being involved in the lives of friends' and relatives' kids.

♥ This Rainbow Ribbon Jello is beautiful to look at! I'll let someone else make it though. :)

♥ I appreciated this post from Sarah Bessey about the evolution of her blog, writing, and calling. (I've intended to go to two different writing/blogging conferences this year, and have putzed out on both due to scheduling conflicts, so it's nice to hear that going to a conference doesn't necessarily make or break your "career.")

♥ And, related: Robin Jones Gunn shares a little about the history of the Christy Miller books. I'm too rough around the edges to ever be or write like Robin Jones Gunn, but I sure do admire her.

Enjoy the Olympic opening ceremony tonight! I'll have an exciting post for you on Monday.


  1. Sorry about the stress, I hope the weekend gets better for you. Unless, of course, it's a good stress ... and then, I hope good comes as a result of all this stress! :)

  2. BRENDA! I just read ALL of those stinkin' posts about people meeting on that blog! What in the world? I am going to have to start setting single friends up via that blog. PS- i cried in EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

  3. I don't live anywhere near Memphis, but those gifs were hilarious!

    I've never read that poem before, but I really liked it, as well as Niequist's thoughts on it.

    Those love stories brought tears to my eyes!

    Aww, I loved the article talking about kids and loving someone else's. And then I got lost in the links and reading lots of other entries. ;)

    I bookmarked the rainbow Jell-O recipe! Maybe I'll make it one day this fall when I need a little happiness. :)

    What an encouraging post about writing! I needed to read that. :) Also, she has some really good posts on there.