Thursday, September 13, 2012

Catching Up

Being out of town unexpectedly for a week, and then catching up, has really thrown me off. I still feel like September has just begun, when in reality it's almost half over. (!!!) Here are some milestones/events that have gone undocumented since September began:

♥ My very-beloved Gandalf cat had his tenth birthday. TEN! I maintain that he still has plenty of life ahead of him. :)

♥ I had my eleventh anniversary at my job. As always I'm thankful for God's steady provision, but increasingly feel like I'm checked into the Hotel California.

♥ Last Sunday marked two years of legal singleness. Semi-related, it appears that I've become the kind of woman who drives around with the windows down fist-pumping to "Freebird."

♥ I know fall isn't officially here yet, but the weather shift has arrived and I couldn't be happier about it. I can't wait for it to get just a little cooler so I can open the windows more!

♥ My brother's broken thumb is healing fantastically and he should make a full recovery. This is still miraculous to me!

♥ Wednesday night small groups started back up at church. We just discuss the sermon each week, pray together, and hang out. I enjoyed the book club I was part of at church over the summer, but I really missed my small group and am happy to be back together and see a lot of new faces! This year, my friend Stacey has started a prayer journal for all of us to write our requests in. Our group had a lot of answered prayers last year, and this will help us keep track of new answers so we can thank God appropriately. :) Maybe it's time for me to put a few things on that list.

I know there were some other things I wanted to mention. Oh well!


  1. I agree about Gandalf! Pickles is 9, and she has many years ahead of her. :)

    I'm glad your brother is healing so well!

    Yay for small group!

  2. Also, I keep meaning to ask you about BookSneeze. Should I try to make my blog a more regular thing, or can I just sign up now and review whatever books they might send me?

    1. Never mind, I just found their requirements. I have...three? followers. I could definitely become more regular, but I have no idea how to get more readers. Any tips?

    2. If I knew, I'd have more readers myself. :P Booksneeze isn't very picky, though. It can't hurt to sign up!