Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Links

I painted this abstract tree "masterpiece" at Pinot's Palette last night with some co-workers. It is now brightening up my cubicle. Yay!

How about some Friday Links?

♥ Throughout November, when you bring a jar of peanut butter to Muddy's for the Mid-South Food Bank, you'll get a free Tomboy cupcake! I don't know about you, but I'm about to stock up on some peanut butter. There is a limit of one per person per day.

♥ Stories From The Brooke's diet got her out of an awkward situation. This post just made me laugh, and commiserate, as do all her posts.

♥ Native Born on not expecting everyone to like you. I go through phases of heavy struggling with this, and am currently in one, so I needed her words of freedom.

♥ If food is your love language: Theology of the Kitchen Table from Preston at A Deeper Story. (If you're not following A Deeper Story, you're missing out!)

♥ I'm still thinking about a recent post at Carolyn Custis James' blog about interpreting Ephesians 5 differently. I'm not saying I take her thoughts or those of the article under discussion as absolute gospel truth, but it's a fascinating angle on things.

♥ Some writing thoughts that resonated with me: Life. Edited. on coming out of the writer's closet, and Chasing Blue Skies on Why I Do What I Do.

♥ I recently discovered the fantastic ministry LOVE AND RESPECT (NOW). I think their stuff is interesting no matter what phase of life you're in. Well, their recent blog post It's Just Coffee gave me a (needed?) smack upside the head this week. I felt like the author had invaded my thoughts while I was asleep, Inception-style, so close was it to my own feelings. I've felt uncomfortably convicted ever since. Now if only the whole world would get on board with her conclusions.

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow, I really like those thoughts about not caring if someone else likes you. I struggle with that, too.

    I always like the things you link to. They make me think. :)

  2. I love the painting. The colors are gorgeous and I love seeing people seize the moment to do something creative.

    Thank you for the links ... I'm going to check some of these out.