Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life Lately 11/8

I'm sorry for the lack of original, thoughtful posts here lately. It's been a crazy few weeks, I've been going nonstop, and blog brainstorming hasn't been high on the priority list. So much is going on that I have to skip events in order to get any rest. By last Sunday night, I was so completely exhausted that I collapsed on the couch and watched 33 webisodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. (I'll be catching up on the other 33 plus the Lydia videos ASAP.)

Anyway, despite my exhaustion, I had a few friends over on Tuesday night to watch the election returns. I just thought a small, cozy gathering with snacks in front of the TV sounded nice, and it was! For the occasion I baked an apple pie in my beloved Emile Henry ruffled pie pan. I used this recipe (but using Pillsbury pie crust) and give it two thumbs up.

Last night the Tigers played Christian Brothers in an exhibition game to unofficially open the season! Our first real game is Monday night against UNF. I also got all my season tickets from Kathy and Daniel - we ordered them together and I paid them back. I had been waiting for this magic moment for years! Obviously I've been going to most of the basketball games for a long time, but there's something about being an official season ticket holder. I'm proud to be even more invested in my team and my alma mater. I'd also love to socialize more with the other season ticket holders around us this year. It would be awesome to have a "basketball family." I told Kathy we should pass around some sort of Getting To Know You survey. :)

Speaking of Tiger things, I did the True Blue 5K on campus last Friday night! I never ran at all until last year, so successfully running the majority of this race, with minimal walking, was exciting. I barely set a new record time for myself, despite briefly losing my shoe early on when a girl stepped on it and sent it flying. I'm not a serious runner by any means, but I felt really good about this experience.

So that's the latest.

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