Monday, December 3, 2012

Grizzlies Game

Last weekend I went to my first ever Memphis Grizzlies game! I've wanted to attend a game for years, but it just hasn't happened. When I found out my friend Myla would be singing the national anthem on Friday night, I really wanted to be there! But no one I asked could go with me. I do plenty of things by myself, but I just couldn't go to my first Grizzlies game alone, especially after it had been built up in my head for so long. Plus, I was kind of tired anyway. So I sadly decided it wasn't meant to be. Then, late in the afternoon, Carol (another friend of Myla's) texted to say that she had two free tickets from work and did I want to go? YES!!!

To my delight, our seats were in Row J. (For comparison, my Tigers ticket is a few rows down from the ceiling of the Forum.) I couldn't stop smiling! I was like 20 feet from Marc Gasol the whole time. It was fantastic.

Myla sang the anthem with class and style (no Christina Aguilera flourishes). I was so proud!

grizz113012 (2)

At the terrace level, you can order food from a little form and they bring it right to you! Since we didn't pay for the tickets OR parking, we indulged in barbecue nachos, pretzel bites, and full-size drinks. I mean, it was a special occasion. :)

grizz113012 (3)

Again, this was my first NBA game, so I took note of the differences between NBA and college. NBA players have more style and grace. Their strategy and pacing is different (I was puzzled at first by the lack of offensive rebounds). The game atmosphere is much more fun and entertaining - two guys from Cirque de Soleil performed at halftime! As much as I love Tigers games, at halftime and timeouts, a pom routine is the most excitement you're going to get. Unless you love watching fans do free throws for a giftcard to Ashley Furniture (which won't even buy you a lamp there). Basically, at college games you're there for pure love of the team, while a Grizzlies game could be fun even if you don't like basketball.

grizz113012 (1)

Carol and I have a lot in common at this point in our lives, and it did me good to hang out with her. When most of the women you know are alike in ways that you're not, you can easily feel like you're Doing Life Wrong. So it helps to be reminded that there are a lot of different ways to be a Godly woman of purpose and influence. It's less about where you are in life and more about where your heart is.

Anyway, it was a wonderful night! It sounds ridiculous, but I really felt like God loved me. :) I gave up on going to the game at all, but then I got so much more than I had asked for. Maybe He's trying to tell me something there. I hope!


  1. FUN! I love the Grizz so much. I'm so glad you got to experience them - and with such great seats for free! I'll be sad to miss going to a game this season, but here's a word of advice: Splurge and go to a play off game. You will love being a part of all of the Grizz love and feeling so united to this city!

    1. Good advice! If you were up and about, you would have been the first person I called. :)

    2. Brenda! Let's go to a game! We sit in the nosebleed section and I think it's better up there- the fans are out of control! I can't wear my gear and be obnoxious in the good seats! :) And I agree with Nell- it's worth it for a playoff ticket!

  2. Myla did a great job!

    I'm glad you got to go and have fun with a friend who made you feel better about yourself. :)

  3. That sounds like fun. I've never been to an NBA game nor did I know that Memphis had an NBA team. I think its amazing when God shows us how much he loves us in such easily recognizable and tangible ways!