Thursday, December 6, 2012

Musings From The Couch

my faithful companion and foot warmer

My normal week came to a screeching halt on Tuesday when I was diagnosed with the flu - just the news I'd been praying (in the midst of my agony) not to hear. The doctor told me to stay at home till Saturday and not to go back to work until Monday. I've never taken so much time off work for an illness, including more serious ones. But she seemed pretty adamant, so I was afraid to disobey. Besides, maybe if my co-workers stayed home instead of coming to work sick all the time, I wouldn't be in this predicament. :P My boss brought me my work computer, so now that I've checked my e-mails and seen for myself that nothing is exploding in my absence, I feel less anxious about my forced vacation.

On this Day 3 of quarantine, I feel fairly okay. I'm fever-free (thank you Lord) and able to get around the house a little bit. I even finished putting the ornaments on my Christmas tree, though it took a while. All this stillness and relaxation is a startling contrast to my everyday life. It always takes a doctor's note to get me to truly rest for an extended time. Even then, I feel ridiculous for not being able to run around like usual. I keep learning the hard way that if I refuse to give myself a real break when needed, God and/or my body will make it happen eventually. But believe it or not, I have learned to live at a slower pace over the past year, and I think it shows. Aside from feeling bad, I'm enjoying not having to go anywhere or do anything strenuous - getting to read and sleep and watch shows in real time! But I will be REALLY ready to venture back out into the world on Saturday!


  1. I hope you feel much better very soon. Sorry about that flu! Yuck. :( Enjoy your break from the norm, though, if you can.

  2. I'm glad you're feeling better!