Friday, February 8, 2013

A to Z

I've seen both Lauren and Sarah do versions of this survey, so I compiled the questions I liked best and did it for myself!

Available or married: Available. Line forms here!!! :P

Book: Currently reading Brene Brown's Daring Greatly. It is BLOWING MY MIND. Thoughts to come.

Chore you hate: Mopping. I've been shown the correct way to mop many times, but no matter what I do, the floor looks even dirtier after I mop. My workaround is to clean really bad spots with Windex and a paper towel.

Drink of choice: Iced tea or Coke Zero.

Essential start to your day: I like a little coffee with my flavored creamer!

Favorite color: Green or blue.

Game to play or watch: Basketball is definitely my favorite sport to watch, followed by football. I don't play any sports myself.

Hometown: Miami, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee. I don't know what the cutoff age/life duration is to qualify a place as your "hometown," so I claim both!

Instruments you play: I played the flute from sixth to twelfth grade (and marched piccolo in high school), and have continued playing off and on as an adult. Hopefully I'll have future opportunities to be involved in music. I also took guitar lessons briefly in college, but I was surrounded by excellent guitar players and knew I would never get there. I still have my guitar and enjoy pulling it out sometimes and playing horribly for my own amusement. My repertoire includes "Trinity" by Jennifer Knapp, "Halo" by Beyonce, and several other songs composed of G C D Em. Oh and I used to play the piano a tiny bit.

Job: Assistant Manager. I say as little as possible about work on this blog, because we live in an age when having public opinions can be dangerous to your livelihood.

Kids: I still hope to have kids. I might even adopt a child on my own someday. Honestly, I'm not good with kids in general (I never baby-sat or anything), but I'm counting on aunthood to help with that.

Life is incomplete without: Books.

Music Group or Singer: My list of favorite musicians is about ten miles long. Some of my proven long-time faves: U2, Paramore, Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, the Foo Fighters, Hanson, Beyonce/Destiny's Child, Lisa Loeb, John Mayer, Sarah Harmer, Weezer, Gwen Stefani/No Doubt

Number of siblings: Two – Debra (27) and Kevin (24). Also, bro-in-law Lance (also 27). I'm very blessed to have them as my companions for life.

Oranges or apples: Oranges. (I am from Florida.)

Pet peeves: Computer problems. Tornado sirens for unconfirmed tornadoes that are still 90 miles away. Overuse of The Message. Entitlement and arrogance. Monopolies. People who routinely conduct phone calls in public restrooms. Public restrooms in general.


 30DJC June 14

Reasons to smile: Jesus. Sunshine. My niece. Weekends. Shoes. Having things to read that I'm excited about. My comfy bed with my two cats sleeping happily at the foot of it.

Season: I enjoy all the seasons in their time, but lately I'm a summer and fall girl.

Tattoos: None. I've considered a small one, but can't imagine what I would still want on my body when I'm old. I'd do it if my sister wanted to get matching tattoos, but I'm guessing that'll never happen, since she's a Nazarene pastor's wife. :)

University attended: The University of Memphis. In case it's not obvious from my Tiger-blue vehicle and general enthusiasm, I love my alma mater!

Veggies you dislike: Okra and hominy. Yuck.

What makes you run late: Indecision about what to wear. I know. It's sad.

X-rays you've had: Plenty of dental ones.

Yum Food: I have an abiding love for the Newk's Pesto Chicken sandwich. I'll leave it at that because I could talk about Yum Foods all day.

Zoo Favorite Animal: How Engrish! It's hard to decide, but my favorite zoo animals are probably meerkats, pandas, and penguins.


  1. Seriously, what's up with phone calls in restrooms?! And then the caller glares at you for, you know, using the restroom for restroom stuff.

    Totally stealing this...I am a complete sucker for memes!

  2. I jumped on board, too. Mine's posted over at Mama Flock.