Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Word Update: February

I've decided to post monthly updates on my One Word for 2013: FOCUS. (My original post about the program and my word choice is here.)

Well, a month in, I'm still figuring out what to Focus ON. My only obvious focus area is my writing and blogging, and I have made a little progress there. I've sought out veteran advice about getting more writing experience and exposure, and also done some brainstorming about "personal branding." I've always felt icky about that concept, but a good friend said it's really helped her Focus her creative endeavors, so I decided to give it a chance. No conclusions yet though.

Spiritually, I think wisdom is a Focus topic because Proverbs 4 came at me repeatedly from all directions during January, to an extent that was impossible to ignore. I also want to increase my awareness of the people and places around me. I bought a new camera shortly after choosing my word, not on purpose. I didn't realize the irony until later. Last night I thought of a small thing to do for Lent that will free up some mental space and help me concentrate better. I already wanted to Focus on prayer during Lent, and this idea will help with that.

Not having a road map is frustrating, but it's probably exactly what I need. The whole idea of One Word is that it's not another to-do list, but clearly I can turn anything into a contest with myself which I will inevitably lose. I don't want to give myself another checklist - I want this exercise to be AT LEAST as much about what God is doing in me and my life as my own efforts. I don't need more of me. I'm sick of me. I want more of Him, because I'm not capable of doing it right on my own.

How are your One Words going?

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