Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday ADD

I planned to write a serious post for today, but I'm just too distracted. I've cut back on caffeine for health reasons, the result being that one cup of real coffee followed by a Coke Zero turns me all jacked-up and jittery. More notably, workers have been replacing most of the flooring in my house for the past three days, and I've been really focused on that. I also didn't consider that after the work, it would look like a dirt bomb had gone off. EVERYTHING needs to be dusted or washed. So I have a full weekend of heavy-duty cleaning ahead of me... which I'm sort of looking forward to in my weird OCD way. (I've been pinning homemade all-purpose cleaner recipes like crazy!) Once everything is back to normal, you better believe I'll be posting before and after photos. It looks like a whole new house. I'm really excited.

Meanwhile, here's a smorgasbord of my usual Fridayish topics!

Kevin Ware presents the Top Ten on Letterman - about his thoughts when he broke his leg. Seriously, how awesome is this guy?

♥ From Elora of A Deeper Story: I Am Not A Robot.

♥ Another Susan Isaacs post at Storyline: Talking It All Out - How To Get Past Hurt Feelings.

♥ Justine Larbalestier reflects on ten years of writing for a living.

♥ A happy, heartwarming video about a man with Down Syndrome who owns his own restaurant.

♥ Memphians, here's the farmers' market opening schedule, the Levitt Shell concert schedule, the Peabody Rooftop party schedule, and a list of upcoming crawfish festivals. April through June is the best time to be in Memphis!!

♥ I've been wearing these Steve Madden "Heaven" flats almost every day for weeks! They're so comfortable and go with everything. I think it would behoove me to get another pair or two in one of the MANY colors and patterns available. has neon ones for $20 right now, but I used up my lifetime allotment of neon as a child of the 80's.

♥ Old Navy is overflowing with cute casual dresses right now. I didn't buy either of the dresses I posted about recently, but loved so many others that I now have $20 of Super Cash to spend this weekend. Well worth it.

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