Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Netgalley Reviews: The Vogue Factor // This Girl // Forever, Interrupted

I have several Netgalley reviews to burn off, so I'm putting them all in one post!

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements
Before seeing this book on Netgalley, I had never heard of Kirstie Clements, former editor of Vogue Australia. If you're looking for a nonfiction Devil Wears Prada, this intriguing memoir isn't it. From my perspective, Clements seems refreshingly down-to-earth and appreciative of everything her career has brought her. After starting at Vogue Australia as a receptionist in the 80s, she climbed through the ranks and learned all about the inner workings of the magazine. Eventually, after being let go and briefly working for Harper's Bazaar, she was offered the editorship, which she held for about ten years. In 2012, she and almost her entire staff were laid off due to a management change. Much of The Vogue Factor recalls Clements' work with various models and designers, and encounters with celebrities. She's also very frank about what's wrong with the fashion and magazine industries, and how they've changed for the worse long-term. As for her personal life, she shares a little about her teen years, how she met her French husband, and the funny story of her twin sons' birth. Overall, this book is a fun read.

Recommended for fans of: fashion and/or Australian pop culture

This Girl by Colleen Hoover
The third and final installment in the Slammed series picks up right where Point of Retreat left off. On their honeymoon, Layken wants to hear her and Will's whole love story from his perspective. So he obliges her. It's been long enough since I read Slammed that I wasn't at all bored reading about the same events again (with additional information, of course!). As always, I really like these characters, and the intensity of their love hurts my heart a little. Do guys this passionate really exist?

Recommended for fans of: Slammed (the book loses a lot of oomph otherwise)

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid
On New Year's Day, Elsie and Ben, two ordinary young Angelenos, fall in love at first sight at a pizza parlor. By the end of May, they've eloped. Nine days later, Ben is hit by a car and killed on his way home from the store. Grief-stricken, Elsie must cope with not only the sudden loss of her new husband, but also the resentment of her new mother-in-law, Susan… who didn't know Elsie existed.

Ultimately, this is a hopeful and sweet story of finding love and family in unexpected places. But Elsie's grief is very real, especially in the beginning, and at times I found it difficult to power through. So people with similar triggers should keep that in mind. Overall, I enjoyed spending time with these characters, and appreciated all the little details (Elsie is a librarian, and there are shoutouts throughout the book to various young adult novels). Also: I kept picturing her supportive best friend Ana as Cece from New Girl. Anyone else?

Recommended for fans of: The Notebook, The Fault In Our Stars

I received these books from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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